A Life in Death by Richard Venables

A behind the scenes look at how victims of accidents and natural disasters are identified, from the perspective of a British police officer. Detective Inspector Richard Venables has helped identify thousands of bodies all over the world, piecing together fragments from tsunamis, transport and other disasters to return victims to their loved ones. I have … Continue reading A Life in Death by Richard Venables

Relic by Preston & Child

The first in the long-running and possibly still going Agent Pendergast series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. The New York Museum of Natural History is built over a subterranean labyrinth of neglected specimen vaults, unmapped drainage tunnels and long-forgotten catacombs.SOMETHING IS DOWN THERE..... I remember watching the 1997 film adaptation of this book back … Continue reading Relic by Preston & Child

My Week – 15 May edition (just a wee bit late)

Looking back at last week where I managed to both do some reading and get out into the big wide world.... What I finished: I managed two this week, a bit of entertaining true crime and an engrossing mystery Alice Diamond and the Forty Elephants: Britain's First Female Crime Syndicate by Brian McDonald I was … Continue reading My Week – 15 May edition (just a wee bit late)