2019 Oscars | Thoughts


I used to faithfully watch the Oscar ceremony every year but a couple of years ago I missed it due to illness and then last year realised that the thing I was most invested in was the fashion, which I could find out about more easily in other ways (I refer you to www.gofugyourself.com for all of your fashion needs.

This year I was enthusiastic about some of the films in competition and decided to pull an all-nighter, and I’m glad I did because although I was exhausted the next day – this is when being retired really comes into its own – I found the ceremony enjoyable though I’m not sure about some of the results.

So what did I actually think?

Best Picture

I only saw two of the best picture nominees – Black Panther & Bohemian Rhapsody – and BoRap, although very enjoyable for a lifelong Queen fan, should not have been in this list. What should have been in was Can You Ever Forgive Me? which I loved. In terms of the winner, I don’t like Peter Farrelly and the film holds no appeal for me whatsoever so I was disappointed in the outcome.

Lead Actor

I was happy that Rami Malek won – your mileage may vary but I thought his performance was excellent and he is generally lovely.

Lead Actress

Would have loved Melissa McCarthy to win, or Glenn Close who is one of my favourite actresses, but of course I was thrilled when Olivia Coleman won because she is a delight in everything she does.

Supporting Actor

I so wanted Richard E Grant to win because he is wonderful and was so good in the role and is also a National Treasure. Some commentators have been horribly cynical about his approach to the whole awards circuit, suggesting that his evident joy is manufactured. Those people are idiots. Was happy for Mahershala Ali, though in my head he is getting this for True Detective S3 where his acting is off the scale.

Supporting Actress

I had no strong views on this category, any one of these women would have deserved the win; I don’t know Regina King’s work but she seemed a very worthy winner.

Best Director

Still very cross that it was an all-male shortlist and that Marielle Heller in particular was not included.

The Others

I delighted that Bao won the animated short and that so many women of colour were honoured for their work this year. I enjoyed seeing Gillian Welch & David Rawlings perform because they are long-term favourites of mine, but was very impressed by the Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper performance; I’ve been humming that song to myself ever since and that says Winner like nothing else. I also thought the ceremony was better without a host.

In terms of fashion, all of the older ladies kicked ass – Glenn Close, Helen Mirren and Michelle Yeoh all looked glamorous, and Barbra Streisand looked like Barbra Streisand and who can ask for anything more.

Hoping to catch up on the films I missed (except Green Book) over the next few months. Roll on next year!


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