Here Endeth the Hiatus

So here we are, back again after a break of something like a month (too lazy to check 😀 )

You may be asking yourself what I have been up to since my last post so here goes:

  • I had a minor surgical procedure on 2 October which went very well and the associated biopsy came back clear so all is good;
  • but the need for a bit of time for recovery meant that I only made it to two of the four London Film Festival festival screenings I had planned; I’ll be letting you have my thoughts later this week;
  • and of course we went on our annual holiday, this year off to Scotland via Cumbria on the way up, and Whitby on the way back. We had a super time – comfortable hotels, good food, wonderful scenery and there may even have been a cocktail or two.

And now we’re home. If you’re interested in our adventures please head on over to my Instagram account where there are photos. Not a surprise given that’s what Instagram is all about. The picture at the top of the post is something I’d love to claim is a wee oil painting I threw together over the weekend but of course is actually one of my holiday snaps manipulated through my favourite new app.

Normal service is about to resume so please stick around 🙂

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