Toy Story 4

When a new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

As I am nothing if not a Picker of Nits (which sounds really gross when written out like that) I have to note that this description of the film implies a causality that does not exist. Or am I being too pedantic? Is it possible to be too pedantic (rhetorical)?

Anyway, Woody and the gang are off on said road trip with Bonnie (very cute) and her family. Woody has been struggling with his role as the toy that often gets left in the cupboard when Bonnie chooses what she wants to play with, so he decides to become Forky’s mentor. Forky is struggling with being a toy rather than just trash, which is what he has been created from by Bonnie.

Cue shenanigans.

Lessons are learned, the ending is bittersweet for everyone but hopeful all the same.

I shall say no more.

Except that I really loved this film. We had missed it in the cinema and as the Book God had requested it as a Christmas gift and we had not yet chosen our traditional New Year’s Eve feelgood film which we watch to occupy the time until The Bells, a glass of whisky and a piece of shortbread, and the traditional telephone first footing from my brother, this was a no brainer.

I am willing to explain all of the Scottishness in that last paragraph if required, just let me know in the comments 😀

I was impressed by how good this film was given that it is the fourth in a series and the law of diminishing returns would normally apply. There are too many good things to single out but my favourite thing of all was the great Keanu Reeves voicing Duke Kaboom. Simply awesome.

Oh, nearly forgot – Plush Rush!

You’ve probably already seen this so you don’t need me to recommend but, you know, that’s what I’m here for, so watch it (again, if necessary!)

3 thoughts on “Toy Story 4

  1. Yes, please explain all the Scottchiness as I, who am adopted, have been told my red hair and skin leans more towards a Scottish heritage than an Irish one, plus my adoptive dad’s family came from Scotland.

    As for Toy Story, I was never interested in the Disney/Pixar films until the first time I saw one in the theater. I don’t know if it was Toy Story 1 or 2. It was part of a movie marathon so I didn’t choose to see it, but I was totally blown away by it. I laughed…I cried…LOL I’m sure I’d cry over that Forky guy.


    1. Well, the Bells indicates midnight when church bells traditionally rang to herald the new year; of course now that is usually Big Ben in London and the firing of a cannon from Edinburgh Castle. It’s traditional to toast in the New Year with a decent whisky and a piece of shortbread or plain bun (Madeira cake – not sure wht that is in the USA). The First Foot is the first guest to come into your home in the new year. It can be someone from your family but they mustn’t have been in your house when the midnight strikes. The first foot brings you luck, extra special if they are a tall dark stranger carrying coal. Because we don’t have family or friends close by, my brother rings me as soon as he can after midnight. My husband is English and happily goes along with all of this, including out meal on New Years Day which is haggis!

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  2. That is all so fascinating! Thanks for explaining in detail. I don’t know what we call Madeira cake either but I googled it and would like to get my hands on one! Yum! Haggis…all we ever hear is bad things about it so my stomach automatically churns at the thought. Kind of like when I hear the word menudo and think of tripe. It all makes me shudder. LOL


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