Finishing out April

My reading dwindled towards the end of the month but I met my goal of a minimum of 6 books read, and I’m happy with that.

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To the stats…..

Books read in April = 6

Pages read in April = 2043

Progress on Goodreads challenge = 28 books completed, 7 ahead of schedule = 43%

What I’m currently reading:

  • Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer – true crime + fundamentalist Mormonism = disturbing and fascinating read
  • The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett – an excellent crime puzzle thriller thing, enjoying the hecl out of it but the Mormons (see above) are holding sway at the moment
  • The Fall of Paris – see my thoughts on this in a previous post
  • Alice Diamond and the Forty Elephants – as above

What I’ve bought since my last book haul:

  • I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh – it’s a thriller where tragic accident -> fresh start -> promise of a happy future -> past catching up -> devastating consequences
  • Unmasked by Paul Holes – a true crime hero dishes the dirt on his career; cannot resist…
  • The Void Ascendant by Premee Mohamed – The mindblowing, cosmic conclusion to the breakout Beneath the Rising trilogy. SURVIVAL HAS CONSEQUENCES. I must get going with this series…
  • The Harvest of Lies by Mark Henwick – an Sthanate novel of 19th century Saigon, and an offshoot from his mail Athanate series; I understand you don’t have to read those before picking this one up (which is probably just as well….)
  • Devil House by John Darnielle – true crime writer moves into murder house with, presumably, results
  • The Reyes Incident by Briana Morgan – chilling horror, urban legend but they had me at killer mermaids
  • Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead – missing aviatrix and actress about to play her 50 years later; nominated for heaps of awards including the Booker but somehow I managed to miss it at the time.

What will be arriving in May

Honourable book-to-TV adaptation goes to Slow Horses on Apple – Mick Herron’s series of modern spy novels brought to life with an excellent cast and an approach that stays true to the books; the best kind of adaptation in my view.

How was April for you? What are you looking forward to in May?

3 thoughts on “Finishing out April

  1. I have to read Under the Banner of Heaven!! My sister hand-me-downed her copy of it because she was getting too upset reading it, and I love a cult book!, and it feels like the right moment with the miniseries (or movie??) just coming out. I have never heard of Janice Hallett before, but having googled her I learn that she wrote an epistolary mystery novel, which is absolutely my shit and I’m going to get on that immediately.

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  2. There are so many fantastic books here.. I’ll have to check some of them out!
    Thank you for sharing these and best of luck with your May reading!


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