The Bride’s Blogiversary

Here we are at yet another anniversary for this blog in all of its incarnations. The Bride is now 14 in blog years.

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I was 14 in 1976 (if you’re paying attention you may be aware that a significant birthday is on the horizon)

What do we know about 1976?

  • some of my favourite acting talent was born in 1976 – Ryan Reynolds, Cillian Murphy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Keeley Hawes & Kelly McDonald;
  • it was a leap year;
  • the summer Olympics were held in Montreal, and fellow Scot David Wilkie won a gold medal in the swimming pool;
  • Agatha Christie died (I remember this vividly);
  • the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest with the “classic” Save Your Kisses for Me;
  • All The President’s Men & Carrie were released; and most importantly
  • Mamma Mia was No. 1 on my birthday. Here I go again….

I may have a small sherry to celebrate later!

Updating my week – let’s not and say we did

Last week was a bit of a horror to be honest – a short but intense depressive episode, a couple of bouts of insomnia and a narrow escape from a phishing attempt – so I’m just not going into the details. You can probably guess not much reading got done so we’ll just skip that for now.

One of the things I missed was my Blogiversary! The Bride is now 14 years old; who’d have thunk it 😀

I turned 14 in 1976. Centuries ago!

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Kelly McDonald, Sir Chris Hoy, Martha Wainwright, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Reynolds & Chadwick Boseman were born. I love all of these people.

Agatha Christie, Howard Hughes & some bloke called Mao died

Mamma Mia was number one in the UK on my birthday. This explains a LOT

Star Wars began filming, Brotherhood of Man won the Eurovision Song Contest back when Britain still won that sort of thing, the summer Olympics took place in Montreal and Hotel California (one of my perennial favourite) was released.

What a year that was. Still feeling really old……