My Week – 15 May edition (just a wee bit late)

Looking back at last week where I managed to both do some reading and get out into the big wide world.... What I finished: I managed two this week, a bit of entertaining true crime and an engrossing mystery Alice Diamond and the Forty Elephants: Britain's First Female Crime Syndicate by Brian McDonald I was … Continue reading My Week – 15 May edition (just a wee bit late)

Chris Carter’s Robert Hunter Novels #1-3

Whenever I see the name Chris Carter I immediately think of the X-Files but this Chris Carter is not the creator of the Truth is Out There, but the author of several (I haven't gone to look at exactly how many) crime novels featuring his homicide detective and all-round whizz-kid Robert Hunter. Hunter's expertise is … Continue reading Chris Carter’s Robert Hunter Novels #1-3

Sunday Salon | Books Read

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. In getting ready for 2020 I thought I would write up some short reviews of (most of) the books I've read recently. All links are to Goodreads btw. Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash Ghoster by Jason Arnopp I shall declare an interest here as I am one of Jason's supporters … Continue reading Sunday Salon | Books Read