Sunday Salon | 2 June 2019

Here we are almost halfway through the year and as I write this #20BooksOfSummer is kicking off, though there is the small matter of finishing the book I'm in the middle of at the moment before I can start participating properly. A deliberate choice of angle and not the result of a French Martini Last … Continue reading Sunday Salon | 2 June 2019

My Week in Review – 26 May

Not much reading done but immersed myself in several projects, a couple of trips and avoiding spoilers about Game of Thrones, closely followed by avoiding enraged GoT fans on Twitter. For the record, I thought the finale was absolutely fine but would have liked the series to have had a few more episodes - everything … Continue reading My Week in Review – 26 May

This Week in Books & a Non-Fiction Round-up

It's been getting cooler and duller and lights are being switched on earlier each day so we are definitely in curling up in a chair and reading a good book season. So how did this week in reading go? Currently reading Global Crisis - I've not progressed this since my last post so will be … Continue reading This Week in Books & a Non-Fiction Round-up